AT200 Adhesion Tester

AT200 Adhesion Tester

A dolly adhered to the coating is used to measure the adhesion between the substrate and coating. 
- easy to use
- light
- ideal for lab or field applications on flat substrate
- four types of dolly included
- measurement range up to 60 MPa with an accuracy of ±2% of full scale
- unit: MPa ,Psi, bar 
- alarm when approaching limit
- rechargeable batteries

Technical Data

Part Number   AT200-10 AT200-14 AT200-20 AT200-50
Range 10 mm dolly 14 mm dolly 20 mm dolly 50 mm dolly
2.5 - 60 MPa 1.3 - 30 MPa 0.8 - 15 MPa 0.2 - 2.4 MPa
Accuracy   ±2% of full scale
Dimensions   86 x 153 mm
Weight   2500 g
Battery   One pc rechargeable battery
Packing List   AT200-10, AT200-14, AT200-20:
  AT200 adhesion tester, 20 pcs of 20 mm dollies, adhesive, support ring,
  dolly cutter, carry case,  operation manual, certification.

: all are the same as above except 8 pcs of 50 mm dollies and one pc fix ring.


Part Number    Description
AT200-10D   Spare dollies 10 mm diameter (pack of 10)
AT200-14D   Spare dollies 10 mm diameter (pack of 10)
AT200-20D   Spare dollies 10 mm diameter (pack of 10)
AT200-50D   Spare dollies 10 mm diameter (pack of 8)
AT200-50F   Fix ring
AT200-AD   Adhesive