HT200 Hardness Tester

HT200 Hardness Tester

Graphite pencils of varying hardness values are often used for the evaluation of the hardness of a coating. In a typical test, the pencil is maintained at a constant angle of 45o to the surface and a force of 0-10 N is applied while moving the pencil. It is essential to maintain a constant moving speed for a reliable measurement. The digital pencil hardness tester HT200 is equipped with computer-controlled motor and therefore capable of precise and reliable measurements.

- Running mode: forward or backward
- Running time: 1-60 seconds adjustable
- Applicable force: 0-10 N
- Data recording starts two seconds after starting the tester as indicated by two beeps. The initial two seconds are
   neglected due to typical large error at the initial stage.
- Three beeps can be heard 30 seconds after the tester stops, indicating that the test is ready for a new test.

In accordance with: ASTM D3363 , BS3900-E19, EN 13523-4, ISO 15184

Technical Data

Part Number   HT200
Dimensions   270 x 200 x 120 mm
Weight   3400 g
Battery   12 V adapter, input 110-230 V
Packing List   HT200 pencil hardness tester, lead holder, lead set (19 packs of leads, 9B to 9H),
  position block, abrasive sharpener, abrasive paper,


Part Number Description Part Number Description
HT200-9H 12 leads (9H) HT200-9B 12 leads (9B)
HT200-8H 12 leads (8H) HT200-8B 12 leads (8B)
HT200-7H 12 leads (7H) HT200-7B 12 leads (7B)
HT200-6H 12 leads (6H) HT200-6B 12 leads (6B)
HT200-5H 12 leads (5H) HT200-5B 12 leads (5B)
HT200-4H 12 leads (4H) HT200-4B 12 leads (4B)
HT200-3H 12 leads (3H) HT200-3B 12 leads (3B)
HT200-2H 12 leads (2H) HT200-2B 12 leads (2B)
HT200-H 12 leads (H) HT200-B 12 leads (B)
HT200-PH pencil holder HT200-HB 12 leads (HB)