CO300 Coating Gage

The CO300 Paint Inspection Gage uses a tungsten carbide cutting tool to measure single or multiple coating thickness on plastics, wood, steel, concrete, glass or other non-metal substrates.
 - easy to use
 - small and light
wide field of vision
 - bright LED light source for clear vision
 - internal wrench
 - 50x microscope
 - metric & imperial unit

Technical Data

Part Number  CO300
Accuracy  half a division, depending on cutting angle
Dimensions  100 x 80 x 21 mm
Weight  260 g (including batteries)
Power  2xAAA batteries, rechargeable batteries can be used
Packing List  CO300,Carry Case, No.6 Cutter,2xAAA Catteries, Marker Pen, Operation Manual

Part Number   Description


Angle Scale Factor
CO300-1    Cutter No.1 20-2000 μm (1-80 mils) 45o 20 μm (1 mils)
CO300-4    Cutter No.4 10-1000 μm (0.5-40 mils) 26.6o 10 μm (0.5 mils)
CO300-6    Cutter No.6 2-200 μm (0.1-8 mils) 5.7o 2 μm (0.1 mils)
CO300-2   Microscope Assembly